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A non-exhaustive selection of talks 

International Association of Child Health meeting

Talk - "when crises converge"

MSF paediatric days 2022

PaED talk (TED-style talk):


“Time for action: Climate change in the humanitarian sector” 

St Ethelburga's centre for reconciliation and peace 

Speaker - "Future of climate created refugees"

MED Healthy Cities @British Library

Panellist - how do we make London healthier and happier after covid-19?


#DeSci day at EthAmsterdam 

Pitch - what do we need to move into Health3.0?

Screenshot 2022-05-06 at 14.41.15.png

Simposio Internacional y Mesa Redonda de Políticas. Migración, Salud Y Desarrollo Sostenible En América Latina y El Caribe.

Talk - climate change, migration and health (virtual stream to Costa Rica) 


London School of Economics 

Panelist alongside Dr. Justin Parkhurst and Dr. Eric Schneider to debate "This house believes that social determinants of health are buzzwords in the global health field" 

Screenshot 2022-05-06 at 14.36.34.png

Primary Care International - Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford - March 22

Keynote speaker: "Towards a Planetary Health Paradigm in Primary Care"

Screenshot 2022-05-06 at 14.34.05.png

Northeastern University - Apr '22

Keynote speaker: 

Climate and Health Justice Activism: 

Contradiction, or Resolved?

Screenshot 2021-12-19 at 12.37.02.png

Cambridge Women in Media Society: how to get into science journalism



Health and Climate Change: How can tackling Climate Change improve your health? 

Chair for panel discussion: Podcast; Video

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Royal Society of Medicine -

What is the role of healthcare professionals in a changing climate? 

July 2021

Wrapping up the RSM's series on health and climate, panel speaker alongside Dr Cheryl Holder, President of the Florida State Medical Association and co-chair of the Florida Clinicians for Climate Action, and Dr David Pencheon, Founding Director of the NHS Sustainable Development Unit. 

Screenshot 2021-07-26 at 11.15.23.png

Launch of the Thames Valley SOP 

July 2021 

Talk on Climate Justice 


From the Ground Up - Why Health Justice Means Climate Justice(Panel Chair)

November 2020

Covid-19 has brought into consciousness the deep pre-existing health inequalities. It has highlighted how our health is shaped by the wider social, economic and environmental conditions in which we live. This panel discussion seeks to reflect on the connections between health and the climate, the public health impacts of extractive industries and how the Green New Deal can also be a Public Health New Deal.


The Doctors Will See you Now!(Panelist)

25th June 2020

Panelist alongside Dr Tony O'Sullivan - co-chair of Keep Our NHS Public, and Dr Philip Hammond of Private Eye 


Ecofeminism: Gender, Justice and Planetary Health (Panelist)
14th May 2020 
University College London

How ecofeminism can help us to rethink our social relations and material conditions, provide a powerful critique of power and enable us to move beyond the binaries- - whether of man-woman, human-nonhuman, nature-culture, sick-well.


Evidence to the RESET enquiry: the APPG on the Green New Deal 
21st July 2020

Evidence to the APPG alongside Nigel Topping, High Level Climate Action Champion, COP26; Professor Sir Michael Marmot; and Hilary Cottam OBE, social entrepreneur. 


Life and Lockdown - Hope, Solidarity and Allyship (panelist)
Glastonbury Leftfield Stage 
27th June 2020 

In absence of this year’s Glastonbury Festivals, activism can still be recharged with the Glastonbury Left Field debates making the case for radical responses to these challenging times.


Health, Civil Society, and Global Engagement for a Safe Climate (panelist)
Global Climate and Health Alliance, side event at COP 25
7th December 2019

This session highlights the opportunities and strategies for health civil society to influence the global climate policy discussion, global climate negotiations, and how to build a global climate and
health movement.


Role of Health Professionals in Patient Advocacy (panelist)
4th December 2019
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Panelist exploring what advocacy means, the ethical and legal challenges faced by health professionals, and the role and responsibility of health professionals to advocate for their patients. 


MSF and climate change (panelist) 
1st November 2019 
Medecines Sans Frontiers - London 

rita xr.jpg

Is there a future? Parenthood in the face of ecological collapse (panelist)
11th October 2019 

rita 3.jpg

Advocacy without borders: fighting inhumane immigration policy (panelist)
14th September 2019 
Global Nurses Solidarity Assembly, San Francisco

This panel focuses on the effects of inhumane immigration policy, discussing experiences providing care, facilitating direct action, and building cross-border alliances. 

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